Stacker Parking

Suria Parking Solution - A simple solution to immediately double your parking capacity.

Easy parking system is the simple mechanical parking equipment, Utilize the lifting device to lift and lower the parking plate.

Our Double Stacker is designed for fast and easy installation. This model is capable of parking SUVs on the ground and upper platform, and can handle up to 7,000lbs. Operatation is done manually by an individual hydraulic power unit, or a master power unit supply, capable of operating up to 25 lifts at one time.

Adaptable, can be used in household or office indoor/outdoor.

Emergency lock release function with a Single manual release system

Easy installation, Stable, Strong and Reliable.

The appearance is concise, beautiful and generous.

Mold machining through the whole process.

How it works?

Stackers are aimed to double the parking space above ground/basement type parking. Fully automated parking systems are the state of the art in technology.

They have horizontal carts on each level and a vertical lift that carries the car from the device level to different doors. This parking system contains 2 hydraulic cylinders, with normal configuration, is an easy parking system.

Product Specification

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